investing in social entrepreneurs

BeeOdiversity assists companies and public authorities to establish strategies and develop environmental projects that have an added value for the territory, the partner and its stakeholders. The organisation combines scientific expertise and innovative tools based on nature and environmental coaching techniques. Learn more>

In Belgium, we throw away more than 2.5 million of beverage packages every day. Robinetto offers solutions to drink in a more sustainable, less complex and cheaper way: they use tap water, less packaging and local partner. Learn more>

The objective is to enable everyone to access the right legal information at the right time. They offer clear legal information for citizens, the provision of a legal communication agency and the development of digital and social solutions for access to law. Learn more>

Relax in de klas’s mission is to help teachers give children a few moments of rest every day from kindergarten onwards, and thus build their lifelong well-being. They developed a two-part toolbox for primary school teachers to use daily in the classroom. Everyone benefits: teachers and pupils! Learn more>

DuCoop is a cooperative that provides sustainability services to the residents of De Nieuwe Dokken. DuCoop supplies sustainable heat via a heating network, but many other environmentally friendly techniques are also used. Learn more>

Smart Farmers couple nature with technology in ecosystems for food production. Cost-effectiveness and a positive impact on the environment are one in the agriculture of the future. Smart Farmers develops and implements innovative systems for sustainable, profitable horticulture. Learn more>

Beego helps people with a digital question or problem to get out of their difficulties quickly. Smart students come to you to ease your digital headache. Need help with your computer or smartphone? BEEGO sends computer students to your home by bike. Learn more>

The Homeless World Cup Foundation is a unique, pioneering charity which uses football to inspire people who are homeless to change their own lives. Their Vision is a world without homelessness. Learn more>

Bike&Co, your partner in company bikes. Bike&Co is specialised in the sale, rental, maintenance and repair of company bicycles. Together with 14 social enterprises, the cooperative forms a quality network in Flanders and Brussels. Learn more>

Training young Sea Rangers whilst working offshore for ocean conservation and a sustainable blue economy. The goal of Sea Rangers is to restore 1 million hectares of ocean biodiversity by 2040 whilst training 20.000 young people towards a maritime career. Learn more>

Kampani is a social impact investment fund working to unlock the potential of entrepreneurial farming in the South. A pioneering way to fight poverty and promote development. Learn more>

Solergie aims to overcome the lack of energy by installing a nano-grid infrastructure installed and maintained in Africa: an energy solution that provides off-grid communities in rural areas with reliable, sustainable and affordable power. Learn more>

Olmavita wants to contribute to people’s wellbeing. Thanks to their experience in the field of CBD products and the expertise of the largest Swiss laboratories, they can help people who are confronted with stress, sleep problems and everyday ailments. Learn more>

Schoolmakers guides learning and change processes in schools, from kindergarten to adult education. They work closely together with boards of governors, directors, teachers, pupils, parent committees, educational counsellors, etc. to deliver tailor-made work. Learn more>

Blijf Actief (Stay Active), the first collective impact platform for longer independent living, aids and extra (care) services. Via an interactive platform, Blijf Actief informs, advises and motivates people to remain as active as possible in society. Learn more>

Develops animal free cheese that combines pleasure with positive impact. Their mission is to use technology to push the boundaries in dairy without compromising on taste, pleasure and experience. Learn more>

Designs impact training courses to people and teams that seek to deploy capital or build solutions that generate positive social and environmental value. They do this in partnership with leading standard setters and international experts. Learn more>

Develops proprietary artificial intelligence-based speech recognition technology designed to support people with speech disabilities. They combine their state-of-the-art technology with best practices in speech therapy and create video games with the goal of motivating and improving independent practice. Learn more>

Conscious Shopping Made Easy. This eco-conscious fashion platform connects consumers with retailers. Consumers can find sustainable or circular brands of clothing, jewelry and cosmetics that fit their style and budget with a few clicks. Learn more>

Marie Poppies is an e-shop for the delivery of sustainable flower bouquets throughout Belgium.